Free Your Mind Sea Moss Tea
Free Your Mind Sea Moss Tea

Vera Roots

Free Your Mind Sea Moss Tea

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Best clear your head and surrender yourself to pleasure. Aromatic nettle with minty highlights and a hint of juniper await you

Ingredients: nettle leaves, fennel, juniper berries, irish sea moss, lemon balm, rosehip seeds, liquorice root, spearmint, dandelion root, peppermint, budrock root
(All organic ingredients)

Based on 583 reviews

I am in love with these products. The bars taste great and kept me full between meals. The replacement meals tasted awesome. Did not need to add any additional sweetners. I will definitely be purchasing again!.

Great taste

Delicious taste…disappointing it had cane sugar in them, but will definitely be ordering them again…pic is me traveling with the bars in my carry on

Nutritious and Delicious!

I love knowing I’m putting something good for my body into it while Enjoying it at the same time!

Awesome Sea Moss Bars!

These sea moss bars are a pleasant surprise! I wasn't sure what to expect, but they are really quite delicious! I'll definitely be keeping my monthly subscription!

Great for maintaining weight

I used the meal replacements and protein bars that are all vegan based products, to maintain weight loss diet. However, you also must watch your intake for it can rise your sugar blood level. Great product still.

New favorite!

The teas look good, smell wonderful, and Taste delicious. I look forward to each sip.


Wow love this product. How the difference with the variety pack.

Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!

I have purchased the chocolate several times. I absolutely love it!! So I wanted to try the bundle!!!

Chocolate & Vanilla Bundle

Where have y'all been all of my life. This meal replacement w/Sea Moss is a game changer for me. 1st lets discuss taste. I'm big on how my palate handles taste, I feel like I'm cheating. You people on the fence, jump off and ORDER NOW. 2nd I cannot decide which taste better, chocolate or vanilla. Y'all are on point and the consistency is amazing. I use a nutribullet at work and my shakes come out so smooth and creamy. 3rd Price. For the product and what it consist of, y'all damn near giving it away. BUT good health good wealth. Take care of YOU NOW or your body will fail you later.
I appreciate yall Vera Root for an exceptional product. I'm placing my 3rd order now, I don't want to run out.
Continued Blessing young men and your team.


Exceptional product. Definitely gonna keep getting them. Taste so good it should be a crime.

Sea moss

The best ever i made a smoothie with the sea moss for my mom (who's 75) and has trouble breathing and walking she is getting around much better now and she's now playing with her great grandchildren i kove this stuff

Cookies & Cream tea

The smell of this tea is so delicious! I've been drinking this tea for 13 days now. The 1st 2 days I was in need of my Dunkin' ice coffee, but after day 3, I no longer desired my ice coffee! This was the best decision I made! Never thought I would ever stop drinking coffee! This is the longest I've ever been without drinking Dunkin'...


A bit disappointed in the grittiness. Taste is okay. Still testing.



Seamoss Meal Replacement
Barbara O’Brien
Delicious SeaMoss Meal Replacement

Hands down this is the best herbal meal replacement I’ve ever tasted! I made mine (chocolate flavor) with coconut milk from Califa Farms (zero sugar) and Justin’s Peanut Butter for added protein. This was just what I needed to pick me up on a very disciplined herbal cleanse. I used it twice in 15 days as a guilt-free treat and it sustained me for hours! I’m hooked and will be ordering again for sure! Already put my daughter and my son on and they’ve ordered as well.

Husband loves them

My husband loves the benefits of sea moss, but isn’t consistent with it, because of the hassle of making it and the taste. The bars hit the spot. He loves them and I’m happy that he has a healthy snack or meal replacement with the benefits we both love!🤗🤗

Tasty & filling

I love these bars! They are filling and packed with nutrition. I am not hungry 10 mins after eating them like other bars. I love crumbling them in a bowl with oatmilk, and eating them as a cereal! No kidding try it!


I loved the taste of the bars as well as the size. They help me to keep hunger at bay between meals. I will be buying again.

Great product=)

Love it

I’m so happy I decided to give Vera Roots a try! I love this meal replacement! It blends well with my almond milk and a few ice cubes. I have loads of energy and the taste is amazing!! Thanks Vera Roots!!

Not bad

I rarely use chocolate protein powders because of the taste. This one was not bad but lacked flavor for me. I added some fruit which gave it a better taste. Definitely helped to curve appetite! I haven’t tried the vanilla yet but I look forward to trying. Will I order more? Maybe we will see.

Delicious and fulfilling

I ordered the Seamoss Superfood Bars for my fiance and he absolutely enjoyed the variety pack!!!

Taste amazing looking forward to being a client.

Superfood bar

The superfood bar is healthful. I can taste the chocolate, but I don’t really taste the strawberry.

I love it.. it's really good

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