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Sea Moss Meal Replacement

Vera Roots

Chocolate Sea Moss Meal ReplacementVanilla-ish Sea Moss Meal ReplacementChocolate & Vanilla-ish Bundle Pack
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Vera Roots Sea Moss Meal Replacement is a plant-based, vegan and keto friendly SUPERFOOD made with Sea moss. It's not just chocolatey and decadent its also uniquely flavored with our original spice blend & Sea Moss.

Vera Roots Sea Moss is a awesome way to get your body the vitamins and minerals it need.  With just one meal (one shake) you'll receive all the benefits of this powerful super plant.Sea Moss is a superfood that contains 92 of the 102 minerals. 
This includes the macro-minerals calcium, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, sulfur, and the trace minerals iron, copper, manganese, iodine, zinc, selenium and more.

✅  100% Wildcrafted & Organic Sea Moss
✅  Support Immunity
✅  Improve Gut Health
✅  Naturally Increases Stamina

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  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

Vera Roots Sea Moss Benefits

Promotes Gut Health
Sea Moss is known to improve your digestive system. The prebiotics helps and protects the gut. It does so by promoting healthy bacteria growth as sea moss is a great source of live bacteria. Apart from that, fiber also plays its role in keeping a healthy gut microbiome.
Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
Burdock Root is a natural remedy for reducing weight. It helps to promote weight control by stimulating the metabolism of fats in the body. It also supports lipolysis and allows the body to utilize the stored fats in an effective way. It works by stimulating the natural metabolic processes in the body.
Improves Immune System
Antioxidants can also help to reduce inflammation. One study found that burdock root reduced inflammatory markers.

Sea Moss Isn't New!  In Fact,

 Ancient Civilizations Have Been Using It For Nearly 12,000 Years...

For centuries, humans have been harvesting red seaweeds for food production and medicinal purposes... Irishmen use it to treat common respiratory illnesses such as cough, flu, and nasal congestion, and now millions of people in modern times have re-discovered it's incredible ability to improve overall health... 

Today, red seaweed is even added as a preservative or emulsifier to ice-cream, chocolate milk, frozen goods, and other organic items. 

 This wonder food is consumed by billions of people around the world, particularly Brazil, China, Europe, Japan, and the US, where it's growing immense popularity as a treatment and preventative measure for a variety of conditions. Sea Moss is a potent, all-natural source of essential vitamins and nutrients.


What You'll Get Inside Of Vera Roots

See What Folks Are Saying About 

Vera Roots

Based on 837 reviews
Bomb nutrition!

I've enjoyed both meal replacement flavors. The new coffee is great, but the Latte flavor was the better of the two. I'll continue to support small Black businesses. #HEALTHISWEALTH

Healthy ingredients!

Tastes great but you can feel good about eating. Calories, fiber and protein are perfect for afternoon snack.

I'm hooked

Ok Vera Roots I'm hooked this is the only source of Sea moss I need and want are your products this bar right here this bar right here y'all better get you some will definitely be reordering

Another level

Their tea game is next level don't get me wrong I love the shakes but it's the tea for me some people have to have their coffee well I must have my tea and these teas are amazing this is a must have in my tea collection 💓💓💓💓💓

In love

I am a hot tea drinker this tea is so flavorful I add 1/2 of a lemon and a teaspoon of organic raw unfiltered honey and enjoyed one of the best cups of tea I've ever had I will be buying this one again for sure


O my goodness I had the chocolate shake in coconut milk and I am in love I brought the bundle I'll have the vanilla for lunch this is so great stuff this is day one but I'm sure I'll be posting again

Love this stuff!

The replacement shake delivers as promised! I used to keep at least two cups of coffee, sometime three, to get through the day. When I incorporate the shake, that changed...I went to one cup per day and probably could do without that, execept I love coffee lol. I also felt my cravings for sugar decrease and it kept me full until my next meal. I'm so glad I tried the shake!!!!

Definitely mind freeing!

Just received this today, but let me tell you how this tea had my mind and body so calm and still. Giving my brain a break from a zillion thoughts and worries. The herbal blend melds together nicely, and the mint shines through, but not overpowering
Oh I Love It ❤️🥰 ❤️

Soo Chocolicious😋

Triple chocolate is my top favorite out of all the bars. They do not skimp on the chocolate chunks. It’s in every bite. My go to snack, it’s real ingredients that nourish my body.
Definitely better and healthier than any protein bar at the grocery stores!!

Sea Moss Bars

These bars were delicious my favorite was triple chocolate and cranberry white chocolate. You really feel like your fueling your body with ingredients that are actually good for you.

Surprisingly Good

Ordered the Bars & they all taste good. No weird sea moss or protein taste, kinda reminds me of Cereal bars. Shipping took around 10 days.
100% Hidden Gem 💎
if you know you know

Amazing so far😄😄

The vanilla-ish smoothie replacement meals wonderful and it keep me full. I used coconut water with my smoothie... I love to put avocado, strawberries, blue berries, banana, cherry and black berries, and etc.

Awesome Sea Moss Bars!

These Blueberry Vanilla Sea Moss Bars are quickly becoming my favorite! I love the flavors and really love knowing I'm consuming healthy snacks/meal replacements. I'll purchase these every month. Thanks, Vera Roots!

Amazing stuff 👍

I'm in love with this product n can feel the difference 👍

So delicious!

Just received these… I ordered a variety so I could test out which ones I like the most.. and I have to say they are so good! I will definitely be ordering more soon!

Everyone loves it

Every time that I serve this tea to guest…they are so surprised that I only added a little honey. It’s absolutely my fav tea to enjoy. And the benefits of seamoss make it even more worth it!

Amazing stuff

I am so loving this seasons meal replacement shakes, not only that it gave me the energy but I can feel the difference with my aches n pain now...absolutely absolutely amazing stuff here, will continue to take it forever due to its fave recipe is the chunky monkey, I used dark chocolate almond milk, banana, peanut butter n the vera roots powder, tastes amazing 😋


I am in love with these products. The bars taste great and kept me full between meals. The replacement meals tasted awesome. Did not need to add any additional sweetners. I will definitely be purchasing again!.

Great taste

Delicious taste…disappointing it had cane sugar in them, but will definitely be ordering them again…pic is me traveling with the bars in my carry on

Nutritious and Delicious!

I love knowing I’m putting something good for my body into it while Enjoying it at the same time!

Awesome Sea Moss Bars!

These sea moss bars are a pleasant surprise! I wasn't sure what to expect, but they are really quite delicious! I'll definitely be keeping my monthly subscription!

Great for maintaining weight

I used the meal replacements and protein bars that are all vegan based products, to maintain weight loss diet. However, you also must watch your intake for it can rise your sugar blood level. Great product still.

New favorite!

The teas look good, smell wonderful, and Taste delicious. I look forward to each sip.


Wow love this product. How the difference with the variety pack.

Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!

I have purchased the chocolate several times. I absolutely love it!! So I wanted to try the bundle!!!


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